The Boom Doctors radio show is hosted by Dr. Patti Britton and Dr. Robert Dunlap. The show is geared towards the Baby Boomer Generation (people born 1946-1964)—our guests are people who are Boomers themselves and people who serve the needs and dreams of Boomers in any way possible. We would love to have you on our show! You can talk about your work in any aspect of “Boomer Life”, such as finance, health, travel, sex, love, loss, healing, humor, whatever it is. We will feature you as an expert guest. We host the show remotely (we call you by phone), so no travel needed. [We usually tape on Tuesday afternoons from 12 noon PT until 2 pm PT.] Please fill out our form below if this interests you. We would love to have you!

A common series of interview questions are:

  • What is your background? ex. you are a financial planner specializing in how to maximize savings, you are a therapist helping older couples with issues of loss or aging, you are a medical professional who helps people with maintaining optimal wellness, you are an author who writes about the joys of this time of life, etc.
  • What do you do or offer for products or services that relates to the Boomer (55+ years old) generation? ex. financial planning, health issues, nutrition, staying fit, sexuality, anything!
  • Why is that important? You can talk about how passionate you are about this. ex. health is everything, boomers need guidance on how to manage their money, dating for seniors can be tricky, etc.
  • How can our listeners find you? Give them your website URL, email, any public telephone numbers
  • What great information or insights (includes a few tips and examples) can you share on your topic that relates to boomers? Plan ahead for savings; don’t expect your 65+ body to be the same as at 40, eat well for health, etc.

The show content is a conversation back and forth with Dr. Patti and Dr. Robert and flows organically. We prefer to have it be a conversation not a lecture. It is fine to make an “offer” or “gift” at the end, if you want to get a direct response. That’s up to you.

Looking forward to having you!


Note: If you don’t have a promo code or an account just select the date and time you wish to appear on the show then click continue.