The Boom Doctors radio show has been hosted by Dr. Patti Britton and Dr. Robert Dunlap, the original “Boom Doctors”. Dr. Dunlap passed away suddenly in July, 2017. He leaves his legacy of charm, wit, wisdom and savvy in the archived shows.

RIP Dr. Robert Dunlap

“It is with great sadness that we share the passing of our beloved “Boom Doctor”, Dr. Robert Dunlap.
His memory is preserved in these many wonderful shows. 
Stay tuned.
Dr. Patti & Boom Doctors Team
P.S. To learn more about his legacy and to become a part of our vision, visit: 


Ep. 137: Dr Erika on Male Sexual Health

My mission: To get middle-aged men back on top of their game - good sex, positive mood, strong libido, powerful drive and energy, healthy prostate - and keep them there for a long time. Men [...]

Ep. 136: Marty Klein, on his new book about porn: His Porn, Her Pain

Dr. Marty Klein has been a sex therapist for 34 years--that's 35,000 sessions with men, women, & couples. He is an internationally recognized expert on pornography, fantasies, desire, and arousal. What does he know about [...]

Ep. 135: Galen Fous, on therapy for kinky seniors

Boomers and Kink. In case you didn’t know, many boomers are exploring Kink sexuality in ways mild to ways very edgy! I’ll give an overview what Kink sexuality is, and isn’t, and offer ways you [...]

Ep. 134: Melanie Davis, on sexual health services for seniors

Can we truly be "as young as we feel" when our bodies change with age? When our appearance, sexual function, and desires change? Sexuality and aging specialist Dr. Melanie Davis will discuss ways of not [...]

Ep. 133: Gina Ogden, on her 4-D Wheel for Sexual Healing (and new workbook Exploring Desire & Intimacy)

Gina Ogden is recognized as one of the creative masters in the field of sexology. An award-winning sex therapist, family therapist, researcher, and teacher, she is the author of ten books—and counting, and conducted the [...]

Ep. 132: Michael Aaron on his work as a sex therapist & his new book Modern Sexuality

Michael Aaron, PhD, is a psychotherapist, writer, and speaker, specializing in the field of human sexuality. He is a recognized expert on a variety of sexuality issues, including sexual minorities, alternative/kink/polyamory lifestyles, sex workers, discordant [...]

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