The Boom Doctors radio show has been hosted by Dr. Patti Britton and Dr. Robert Dunlap, the original “Boom Doctors”. Dr. Dunlap passed away suddenly in July, 2017. He leaves his legacy of charm, wit, wisdom and savvy in the archived shows.

RIP Dr. Robert Dunlap

“It is with great sadness that we share the passing of our beloved “Boom Doctor”, Dr. Robert Dunlap.
His memory is preserved in these many wonderful shows. 
Stay tuned.
Dr. Patti & Boom Doctors Team
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Ep. 143: Alan Kishbaugh on Deep Waters book

“A lively introduction to the breadth of southwestern writer Frank Waters’s work, Deep Waters touches on themes of ecology, philosophy, pre-Columbiana, Eastern philosophy, Egyptology, American Indians, and more in an exchange of more than two [...]

Ep. 142: Ellen Grosser on luxury travel

I've been creating life-changing travel experiences for over 25 years. I can create amazing travel experiences for you and yours. I turn real dreams into real life. Visit

Ep. 141: “At the Movies” with the Boom Doctors

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Ep. 140: Boom Doctors on new movies

We love the movies! Check out our current release movies recap!

Ep. 139: Galen Fous on kink for seniors

Boomers and Kink. In case you didn’t know, many boomers are exploring Kink sexuality in ways mild to ways very edgy! I’ll give an overview what Kink sexuality is, and isn’t, and offer ways you [...]

Ep. 138: Sunny Rodgers on sex toys for older men/women

Would you like to give sex toys as gifts but aren't even sure where to start? Let's take some of the mystery out of pleasure products and find out what items work well for both [...]

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