Sex Coach University


The premier sex coach training & credentialing organization in the world

Sex Coach U is the gold standard in sex coach training. With students in over 46 countries worldwide, Sex Coach U trains you to competently and confidently work with your clients’ sexual concerns.

  • Top quality training courses for home study and virtual education
  • International certifications by the World Association of Sex Coaches
  • Comprehensive, holistic methodologies, with pioneering Master Sex Coach, Dr. Patti Britton
  • Leading edge trainers with top quality sexuality expertise
  • High ethical & practice standards
  • Global community with online and personal networking, sharing and growth

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World Association of Sex Coaches

Ensuring professional standards worldwide

The World Association of Sex Coaches (WASC) is dedicated to preserving and upholding the quality of professional standards and ethics for sex coaching worldwide. WASC is the premier credentialing association globally for sex coaching as its own profession. WASC views the sex coach training provided by Sex Coach University as the gold standard, meeting all requirements for association membership. WASC also certifies qualified professionals engaged in the work of sex coaching, provided they meet the required standards of knowledge and competence in sexology and coaching. Our certification standards and requirements are rigorous and comprehensive. WASC also welcomes the membership of Allied Professionals who, while not working as sex coaches, have understanding of and support for the profession. WASC is not liable for any of the actions of its professional members. All WASC members are responsible for their own services and programs. All WASC members have agreed to uphold the WASC Code of Ethics.

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Sexology University

Sexology University trains clinicians to become compassionate, competent, and successful sexologists- through an in-depth program that leaves you skilled and ready to integrate your new learning, while keeping you updated with emerging trends in sexology today. We’ve combined the expertise of 20 world leaders to bring you the most up to date sexology curriculum to date. Take our Certified Clinical Sexologist program or you can enroll on any of our elective courses a la carte. With over 250+ hours training in Clinical Sexology, our comprehensive program covers 5 Core Modules, 14 Electives, and an Applied Practicum experience. To enroll in the Sexology University certification program you must fulfill the requirement of having a fully defined set of clinical talking skills, such as patient-counseling or patient educational skills in a medical care arena, therapeutic or counseling skills, or other client-centered means for addressing the needs of your patient/client care spectrum. Our training is ideal for you if you are an MFT, psychologist, social worker, counselor, medical professional, or public health professional.

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