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Ep. 135: Galen Fous, on therapy for kinky seniors

Boomers and Kink. In case you didn’t know, many boomers are exploring Kink sexuality in ways mild to ways very edgy! I’ll give an overview what Kink sexuality is, and isn’t, and offer ways you can engage and enliven your sexual desire, Kink or otherwise in a manner that is conscious, consensual, healthy, intimate and [...]

Ep. 134: Melanie Davis, on sexual health services for seniors

Can we truly be "as young as we feel" when our bodies change with age? When our appearance, sexual function, and desires change? Sexuality and aging specialist Dr. Melanie Davis will discuss ways of not only accepting but embracing the beauty, challenges, and joys of the aging body.

Ep. 133: Gina Ogden, on her 4-D Wheel for Sexual Healing (and new workbook Exploring Desire & Intimacy)

Gina Ogden is recognized as one of the creative masters in the field of sexology. An award-winning sex therapist, family therapist, researcher, and teacher, she is the author of ten books—and counting, and conducted the only nationwide survey to investigate sexuality and spirituality. She an adjunct professor at CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies). She [...]

Ep. 132: Michael Aaron on his work as a sex therapist & his new book Modern Sexuality

Michael Aaron, PhD, is a psychotherapist, writer, and speaker, specializing in the field of human sexuality. He is a recognized expert on a variety of sexuality issues, including sexual minorities, alternative/kink/polyamory lifestyles, sex workers, discordant desire and infidelity in couples, sexual dysfunction and anxiety, gender and orientation confusion, and sexual compulsivity. He has been interviewed [...]

Ep. 131: Mark Schoen on his work at SexSmartFilms.com

Dr. Schoen is the Founder of SexSmartFilms.com, an online resource for streaming more than 500 sexual health films worldwide. His documentary TRANS was featured on the Oprah Winfrey show on September 29, 2010. Since it’s release in 2012 TRANS has won nine Best Documentary Awards. He produced the documentary GAME FACE, which is available [...]

Ep. 130: Claes Lilja shares our movie review of “Elle”

Claes Lilja is a filmmaker and certified integral coach. His documentary feature film, Beyond Vanilla, is internationally acclaimed and played to sold out houses at festivals around the world. After its theatrical release by Strand Releasing, the film is currently used in sex education at universities and higher learning institutes worldwide. With a background in [...]

Ep. 129: Stephanie Hunter Jones on her work as a sexual healer – The Boom Doctors

Dr. Stephanie is a LA based Clinical Sexologist, Artist, and Professional Writer with a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality, MA in Clinical Psychology, and a Certified Sex Coach. Her specializations include Sex Therapy, Relationship Counseling, Alternative Lifestyles and Sexual Behaviors, Sexual Trauma, Empowerment Therapy, Sensual Hypnosis, and PLR Sex Therapy. Dr. Stephanie is a recurring sex [...]