Ep. 137: Dr Erika on Male Sexual Health

My mission: To get middle-aged men back on top of their game – good sex, positive mood, strong libido, powerful drive and energy, healthy prostate – and keep them there for a long time.
Men are neglected in the health care system in general, and in my practice I make them thrive. Men need good care for their prostate to keep it healthy and trouble-free for the decades to come.
Men do not realize that there are solutions to their problems. And those solutions are surprisingly easy, safe, effective, and affordable We will talk about testosterone and other hormones, as well as daily Cialis.
We will also talk about Therapeutic Prostatic Massage in my medical office.
We will *not* be talking abut prostate cancer. That is best addressed with your urologist.
We will also talk about prostatic massage as a possible sexual practice for men and their sexual partners, both for pleasure and health.