Ep. 119: Tom Stewart on Sportsheets products – The Boom Doctors

While serving as a helicopter pilot in the Marines during the late 1980’s, Tom Stewart, Founder and CEO of Sportsheets® International, Inc., created The Sportsheet™, a Velcro® bondage bedsheet. Inspired by an episode of The David Letterman Show, Tom developed a product that would allow you to restrain your partner with safe and easy-to-use Velcro®. Over the last two decades, Tom and his business partner Julie, his sister, continue to build their company; developing more than 500 different products for couples.

As a result of his military experience and expertise in manufacturing sexual positioning products, Tom has been a guest speaker at the Coalition To Support America’s Heroes, The Road To Recovery conferences. Sportsheets® has made custom designed harnesses and assistive devices for wounded vets to help them to regain intimacy with their partner. He works with a psychologist at the Long Beach, CA Veterans Hospital to create and provide assistive sexual devices for the vets.

A boomer himself, Tom now 60 years old, continues to invent and is currently creating a line of positioning products that assist couples to get into and maintain sexual positions, whatever their level of ability or age. He and his sister created a line for the sex in the shower and plus sized sexual positioning products.

At Sportsheets®, We believe that sexual connection is fundamental to the overall health of relationships. Our mission is to “Keep Couples Connected”.

Via www.sportsheets.com