Ep. 114: Michelle Peticolas on Secrets of Life and Death program – The Boom Doctors

Dr. Peticolas has been working in the field of death and loss for over 17 years. She has a Ph.D. in Sociology with a minor in Clinical Psychology. She produced the award-winning 3-part documentary series, “Secrets of Life and Death,” featuring consciousness leader Ram Das and Zen Hospice Founder Frank Ostaseski (Oss-tah-ses-key) who also appeared in Bill Moyer’s 4-part PBS series, “On Our Own Terms.” Michelle has been invited to speak and teach in hospitals, hospices, and professional organizations throughout Northern California, including UCSF, John Muir and JFK University. She has appeared on Voice America’s Good Grief, Comcast’s Newsmakers and KPFA’s Women’s Magazine.

Visit www.secretsoflifeanddeath.com